Ballymun Residents protest over Ballymun Regeneration Ltd

At a large public meeting last Wednesday 24th July organised by Ballymun People Before Profit, residents brought forward a large number of complaints over Ballymun Regeneration Ltd's actions in the area.


 In particular residents complained of lack of transparency in planning issues; lack of effective consultation; sell-offs to private developers of parks and amenity green space; health and safety issues and the failure to use the regeneration process to provide any significant increase in social and public housing in the area.

 As a result of this growing discontent which is not being addressed effectively through BRL or Dublin City Council, it was unanimously agreed to begin a protest campaign to highlight these grievances, beginning with a Protest on Wednesday 1st August at 2pm outside the Civic Offices Ballymun.

Residents are demanding an Inquiry into Ballymun Regeneration Ltd and its parent Dublin City Council in relation to the regeneration of Ballymun as well as the advance notification to residents, and posting on the BRL website, of all planning applications and all proposals to dispose of public land to private developers.


At the protest on Tuesday 1st August a letter will be handed in (reproduced below) outlining the residents' demands.