All over for Tara

A media photograph of the recent controversial protest at Tara spoke volumes. In the picture, the workers are leering nastily at the lone protester visible.


I have seen pictures like before from other parts of the world and other tension fraught situations at home and abroad...where the guys who have the upper hand in a given social or political stand-off involving face to face confrontation ooze contempt for the obvious underdogs. We have all seen the same expression on the faces of schoolyard bullies.
Well they can afford to leer. They have the power of the State on their side, the mighty Fianna Fail steered juggernaut that is rolling over all opposition to the impending destruction of a quintessential part of Ireland's ancient, precious, and irreplaceable heritage.
The wise and eloquent words of the gentle Kathy Synnot MEP may yet be listened to, but she and the Save Tara campaigners are really up against it.
Remember what happened to the Viking settlement at Wood Quay in the 1970s? Or for that matter what the Taliban did to the giant Buddha statues in Afghanistan? We are now embarked on a similar course of cultural suicide in the mystical Gabhra Valley of County Meath..
The profiteering developers and Cat Fat business tycoons tend to win in the end, unless by some odd quirk of history principle can win over political corruption and ecological vandalism of the kind that the Green Party has opposed so bravely and vigorously since the environmentalist movement first saw the light of day in Ireland.
It is has often been remarked of the Nazi regime that, for all its faults, at least it built fine motorways.
Will the same be said of the present Fianna Fail-Green-PD coalition after the M 3 has desecrated Tara?