Aer Lingus Shannon debacle the price to be paid

  • 28 August 2007
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I am absolutely appalled and outraged, but not at all surprised at the Aer Lingus decision to cease their Shannon to Heathrow Flights.


Unfortunately that is the price we will pay for selling off Our National assets.  A private company is interested in nothing more than making money and maximising their profits.  They're not interested in providing a social service, although the ironic thing is, that the Shannon to Heathrow service was making a profit, but not enough to satisfy the greedy management of the now privatised Aér Lingus. 

Plus by operating a Belfast to Heathrow service they could employ Pilots and Cabin Crew at cheaper rates than operating out of Shannon. 

Here lies a warning of what could happen at Dublin and Cork Airports as well.  What is to stop Aer Lingus doing the same and stopping the Dublin and Cork to Heathrow services?  Don't forget that a private company has no sense of loyalty or conscience. 

Just think of all the damage that would be done to Northside Dublin communities such as Ballymun, Coolock, and Santry; to name but a few that rely on Aer Lingus and Dublin Airport for employment. If Aer Lingus decided to end or cutback their flights into and out of Dublin because they weren't economical enough. 

Potentially thousands of jobs could be lost.  And the same applies to Cork too.  We have to stand up and be ready to fight any similar moves by Aer Lingus in Dublin and Cork. 

One bit of good news; a recent Opinion Poll by the Irish Examiner found that a majority of people (53 per cent) opposed any further privatisations of our Semi State Companies such as An Post, Dublin Bus and the ESB.