100 Days: Thoughts on the disappearance of Madeline McCann

  • 13 August 2007
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In 100 days of headline news the parents jet about to audiences with the Pope in Rome and America's First Lady, pursued by a media feeding frenzy.


After 100 Days the police are going back to basics, searching for forensic evidence, ruling nothing in or out, opening new lines of enquiry, following leads that lead to text messages from clairvoyants to nothing, from a Dutch milkshake to a man's saliva that says nothing definite.
People are attending mass for the little girl and a Scottish marching band strikes up the bagpipes on an Algarve Sunday.  They give interviews for the sake of their child to leave no stone unturned and are open to all suggestions and supported by friends but accused by others of criminal neglect.
They can take it because there is nothing worse than their loss.  Kate holds her Maddy's toy and praises the Portuguese police who's policy is to refuse to comment unlike that of Scotland Yard who are working closely with them, cooperating, offering valuable technical assistance and a sniffer-dog that at the end of 100 days discovers spots of blood on the wall that are now being analysed in Birmingham and the results will be known in a matter of days, but the Portuguese press have run stories not denied by police that the odour of a body was detected by the dog in the apartment and the focus is shifting. 

Locals offer prayers but some are beginning to tire and would like the couple to leave with the unwanted media attention affecting tourist takings down in the high season and after all Praia de Luz relies on its image as a family resort.

And many children go missing in other places every day without mention.