The Ferenka dispute: "Yes,but ..."

  • 1 November 1977
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"The 'Yes, but' style of reporting concedes the right to strike but makes explicit propaganda against the exercising of the right." Gene Kerrigan analyses newspaper coverage of the Ferenka dispute.

Martin O Donoghue - Will it be roses all the way?

The career of one who left school at the age of 14 to work as a waiter and who later became Professor of Economics at Trinity College, exemplifies all the traditional virtues Fianna Fail likes to extol and defend.'

A profile of Martin O'Donoghue, by Joseph O'Malley, political correspondent of the Sunday Independent.


Did the equine VD, which now threatens the bloodstock industry in Ireland and Great Britain, originate in this country? PAMELA READHEAD reports on the history and financial repercussions of the disease that has swept the paddocks.

The Trade Union Recruitment War

  • 1 November 1977
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In the past few months, and in particular since the Ferenka dispute in Limerick, the Marine Port and General Workers Union has emerged as the media's No. 1 trade union bogeyman. But the truth behind the headlines is rarely as simple as the harassed subeditors would like to think. LIAM O'TOOLE analyses the recent history of the MPGWU and, in particular its 'troubled relations with the Irish Transport and General Workers Union.

The Guildford Four: And one law for the Irish

The appeal by an English girl and three Irishmen, currently being heard at the Old Bailey in London, 'says something most unpalatable about the attitudes of English courts to Irish people and their acquaintances'. John Shirley wrote the ITV documentary 18 Months to Balcombe Street, and is co-author of a Penguin on the English police, The Fall of Scotland Yard.


Fingerprint Scandal: Cover-up goes On

An investigation into the Garda fingerrprint affair reveals the following disquieting results:

• The former Minister for Justice, Patrick Cooney, seriously misled the Dail on the matter, either knowingly or unknowingly.
• Several senior Garda officers were and possibly still are involved in a systematic cover-up of the 'mistaken' fingerprint identification.
• The 'mistake' in the affair was of such seriousness as to question the reliability and integrity of the entire Garda fingerprint section.

Walter Haydon - The Blundering Diplomat

AN irritant in Anglo Irish relations at present is the personality of the British ambassador, Walter Haydon. Jack Lynch cannot abide the man, all because of an incident at the Munich Olympics in 1972.

Garret FitzGeralds rejects

Garret FitzGerald has been reviled for excluding women from his shadow cabinet, but the fact is that it isn't his fault. He offered the Posts and Teleegraphs "shadow" to Joan Burke, who took 24 hours to think about it and then turned it down.