Claiming Our Future's Plan B: a viable alternative

Claiming Our Future outlined last night on the Tonight with Vincent Browne show it's Plan B, which includes a number of proposals that are viable alternatives to the Government's planned austerity budget in December ((watch below). One proposal that Vincent Browne questioned on his show includes investing funds from the National Pension Reserve Fund (NPRF).

Claiming a better future

We need to reclaim our future from a dismal repeat of the last few years, and Claiming our Future's Plan B has provided the roadmap. By Michael Taft.

Over the last four years we’ve heard the same mantra repeated on a daily basis: there is no alternative. Claiming our Future (CoF) challenges that dismal chant with the launch of its ‘Plan B:  There is an alternative to austerity’. The plan involves three key principles:

Sinn Féin, expenses, and why the party has to do better than this

A lack of transparency around the policy of Sinn Féin TDs taking only the average industrial wage, and a succession of irregularities in the financial methodology used by both individual TDs and the party itself around expenses casts a cloud of uncertainty over the party's claims to represent a break with the traditionally corrupt practices of the oligarchs of our political kleptocracy. By David Johnson.

Do we really care for children?

As we digest the outcome of the Independent Child Death Review Group’s report into the death of children in care or known to the Health Service Executive, published yesterday by Minister for Children and Youth Affairs Frances Fitzgerald, we hear calls increased investment to put in place the safeguards that are required to ensure that this never happens again.

The Greek election and Germany's free-riding

As long as this crisis is pushing Germany’s borrowing costs to zero, and causing tsunamis of capital to shift from Italy and Spain to its own enfeebled banks, Germany will not be eager do anything about it. By Yanis Varoufakis.