Science & Nature

Three Rock and Fairy Castle

START AT the Blue Light pub near Lamb Doyle's to ramble the hills popular with generations of Dubliners. The poet Winifred M Letts (1882-1972) recalled the area in her lines, “At Barnacullia all the whins were bright to see as guinea gold”. Take the path near the quarry which supplied granite for city buildings.

Spring Alive – tracking nature

Spring Alive is an exciting “citizen science” project organised by BirdWatch Ireland and its partners all across Europe. It is an ideal way to learn about the wonders of bird migration, and it allows you to make an important contribution to science while doing it.

Drowning the seamróg

‘When they wet their Seamar-oge, they often commit Excess in Liquor, which is not a right keeping of a Day to the Lord; Error generally leading to debauchery.”. By Matthew Jebb

The Green Planet

This portrait of the planet Mars is the finest yet made of the Red Planet and will be an iconic image of human Mars exploration in these early decades of the 21st Century. It was taken at the end of February by Europe's Rosetta spacecraft as it swept towards Mars for a very close flyby before continuing on its way to rendezvous with a comet in 2014.

Call for planting of native trees

This week is National Tree Week and the environmental lobby group Friends of the Irish Environment are calling for a change in Irish Forestry policy to reflect our commitment to Biodiversity and the need to take account of the EU Habitats Directive for conservation of native flora and fauna. 

Government to review problematic broadband project

The government has announced a review of its €225m infrastructure project to improve broadband services around Ireland after it emerged that there were problems with the initial phase of the project. Village reported last November that the government was to go ahead with the second phase of the €225m project despite several problems with the network.


Technology 010307

2.17 billion around the globe using mobile phones; Low-key response to launch of Vista; Tencent rides the Chinese web wave