Tonight with #vinb: Psychiatry in Ireland

On Tonight with Vincent Browne, Pat Bracken, Anne Jeffers, Kathleen Lynch and David McCarthy will be assessing the state and status of psychiatry in Ireland, the resourcing of psychiatric service and policy-making in the area. {jathumbnailoff}

Tonight with #vinb: Supporters of Sean Quinn speak out

On Tonight with Vincent Browne, Simon Carswell, Patricia Gilheaney, Tom Lyons and Maureen Martin will discuss the recent Quinn family arrests, looking at both sides, as well as the more recent arrests in relation to "financial irregularities" at Anglo Irish Bank. {jathumbnailoff}

At the kingdom's edge: Exploring Thailand's forgotten conflict

Driving to Pattani from Hat Yai is much like any other journey in the south of Thailand; an ocean view lined with palm trees, rubber plantations, small towns lined with yellow flags, and large portraits of the King placed outside of municipal buildings. Yet what makes the districts of Thepha and Nong Chik different from other coastal districts in Thailand are the military roadblocks that are encountered along the route and the large numbers of military and paramilitary personnel that can be seen along the roadside as one approaches Pattani town.

Tonight with #vinb: The ESM & the debt deal possibilities

On Tonight with Vincent Browne, Jon Ihle, Catherine Murphy, Peter Mathews and Karl Whelan will examine the prospects of the EU 'debt deal' for Ireland and the implications of the High Court ruling on the constitutionality of the European Stability Mechanism, the ESM. {jathumbnailoff}

Tonight with #vinb: Breakthrough in Europe?

On Tonight with Vincent Browne (which Sam Smyth will present), Brian Hayes, John O'Callaghan, Eamon Ryan and Sheila Killian will discuss the outcome of the European summit in Brussels. Is the news as 'seismic' as Enda Kenny would have Ireland believe? Where do we go from here? {jathumbnailoff}