Gene Kerrigan: As Time Goes By

"We want to join a union!"

It's a time of the year for tying up loose ends and there have been several flapping around this column for some time that deserve to get knotted. One could say, if one was so inclined (and this one is), that this month we have a pot-pourri. And anyone who doesn't like it can stand over there beside Dr. Paisley. You'll recognise him by the placard he's holding - "No pot-pourri here".



Okay popsters!! Yes sirreeeee, Bob's your uncle and whaddya say?!!!Right?!!!!?? O-Kayyyy!!!


This is Har-Tee-Hee Radio 2 and I this is Clod Hopper bringing you the best sounds found around! and this is Abba!!


(3 mins. of The Nolan Sisters.)


The Spoiled Vote Movement

This is the month in which Americans are to be asked to choose between a nut and a peanut. And in Donegal the populace will have yet another choice between various shades of corruption, incompetence and opportunism. Will Charlie pull it off? Or will Blaney queer the pitch? Will it be a gold for Coughlan in '84? Will Piggot pip Carson at the post?

They used to cut open birds and examine their entrails to discern portents of the future for the elite.

The Day of the Fold-Up Chair

It began with a low, continuous hum. Strands of sound, voices, car doors slamming, shoes slapping on pavements, weaving the aural blanket that hovered over the Dublin suburb of Cabra West. The parishoners had been told to arrive at the local church at 6.45 a.m. where hymns would be sung and the priests would lead the way to the Phoenix Park. Several hundred followed the advice, but by 5 a.m.