The making of another cover-up

The terms of reference for the Rossiter enquiry fail to address the central point: was Brian Rossiter murdered? They also fail to address how Michael McDowell handled the case.

Responsibility for Garda should be taken from Justice

The conduct of the Department of Justice, Equality and Law Reform on the Dean Lyons case beggars belief, given all that is now known about practices and culture within An Garda Síochána. For years now, the Department has been dodging and weaving central questions over the Dean Lyons case, thereby compounding the malaise within the Garda.

Further questions on Brian Rossiter case

The revelation that the DPP was not the official who instigated the manslaughter charge against a Clonmel resident, Noel Hannigan, in connection with the death of 14 year old Brian Rossiter, raises further questions concerning the surrounding circumstances of the boys death and the Garda handling of the case.

Garda Authority

There is an urgent need to reform An Garda Síochána on a basis far more radical than envisaged in Michael McDowell's Garda Bill, now before the Oireachtas.

Garda: It's not bad apples, it's the barrel

How Garda headquarters ignored alarming reports of terrorist plans; how Gardai mishandled a "murder" investigation; how Gardai tried to "frame" innocent people; how a Garda was implicated in extortion. By Vincent Browne

The search of the Gallagher farm

A Garda weapons search of an innocent farmer's land, which involved the Emergency Response Unit and the Army, put him out of business. But the Garda knew he had no arms and were trying to frame him. Gerard Cunningham reports