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Reviews 13 June 1985

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What is a "thriller"? The quesstion is, I think, useful because these days a hell of a lot of movies are being marketed as thrillers that patently are not. Thus anyone wanting to see a real thriller has to take pottluck and in the process could well miss out on the precious few that do crop up.

Reviews - 18 April 1985

A review of the fortnight in Theatre, Music, Television, Radio, Opera, Books, Cinema

By Joseph O'Connor, Tom McIntyre, Conor Kelly, Michael Dwyer, John Fergusson, Gene Kerrigan, Aidan Dunne

Brian Friel - The Healing Art

  • 31 December 1984
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ON 6 JULY 1979, WHILE HE WAS WORKING on the play Translations, Brian Friel wrote in his "sporadic diary": "One of the mistakes of the direction which the play is presently pulling is the almost wholly 'public' concern of the theme: how does the eradication of the Irish language and the subbstitution of English affect this particular society? How long can a society live without its tongue? Public questions; issues for politicians; and that's what is wrong with the play now.

Colin Harrison at the Taylor

  • 30 November 1984
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Colin Harrison's paintings are about mystery. They are packed with any number of inciidental, narrative mysteries: fragments of stories, visual clues, dramas pending or past. But they are also about the mysteries of time, memory, art.

That was Moving Hearts

  • 30 November 1984
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Tonight there were several hundred people in the band. A very very big co-op for the last performance of the co-op band.