Gates of Leinster House breached by Sinn Fein protestors

Around fifty people stormed the gates of Leinster House as part of a Sinn Fein protest this lunch time. Minor scuffles broke out between protesters and Gardai as the group forced its way through the gates at government buildings. Gardai quickly called in reinforcements. By Christina Finn. Additional reportage by Malachy Browne

[Video and photo gallery from the protest below]. 

The Sinn Fein protestors shouted "peaceful protest" before staging a sit down protest within the gates of Leinster House. A Sinn Fein protester urged the excited crowd to calm down and reiterated that the protest was to be peaceful. The group was then ushered peacefully outside the gates by members of the Gardai. Gardai later confirmed to Politico that no arrests had been made. 

Mary Lou McDonald at the Sinn Fein protestThe protest which began on Kildare Street and continued to the gates on Merrion Row. In attendance was Sinn Fein party member Mary Lou McDonald. Speaking to Politico she said: "We want to make it very clear to the political establishment that they cannot inflict this vicious budget on the people, they cannot bring in the IMF and they cannot bring about this loss of control on our affairs without going to the people."

Asked if she welcomed Minister John Gormley's call for an election in January, Miss McDonald said: "It is very late in the day to be honest. We want them to go to the people now. We want and election and we want it now. There is no need for a delay."

"We want them to publish the 4 year budget plan now. People have to have their say on how we get out of this. The fact that Irish citizens are being asked to pay for this bailout is unacceptable. Those who took a gamble need to face up to it now," she said.



Photo gallery of the protest by Christina Finn.

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BBC coverage of today's protest and scuffles with Gardai in which one Garda is seen kicking a protester who fell to the ground. 



A second clip captured on a mobile phone by Páriac Gallagher who attended the protest (sourced by

Coverage of a similar protest yesterday evening as Ministers departed government buildings following the agreement to apply for financial aid from the IMF. A male protester was injured when on Ministerial car apparently drove over him.