County Manager salary unchanged for two years

Despite swingeing cuts affecting the poorest in Irish society, austerity has not been imposed on Ireland's 33 County Managers whose high salaries  are unchanged since 2010. County Managers are paid an average salary of €143,054.48 per annum, a total spend of €4,720,798.00 each year. The highest paid paid County Manager is Dublin City Council's John Tierney (pictured) with a salary of €189,301. We are seeking salary details for previous years before 2010. County Managers are entitled to additional allowances (outlined below). By Malachy Browne.

Three County Managers are women, thirty are men. The full list of County Manager salaries are outlined below. They were provided by Environment Minister Phil Hogan in response to a question from Dessie Ellis: 


Dublin City Council
Dr. John Tierney

Cork County Council
Martin Riordan

Fingal County Council
David O'Connor

South Dublin County Council
Joe Horan

Cork City Council
Tim Lucey

Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County
Owen Keegan

Kildare County Council
Michael Malone

Meath County Council
Tom Dowling

Limerick City and County Council
Conn Murray

Clare County Council
Tom Coughlan

Donegal County Council
Seamus Neely

Galway County Council
Martina Moloney

Kerry County Council
Tom Curran

Kilkenny County Council
Joe Crockett

Louth County Council
Joan Martin

Mayo County Council
Peter Hynes

South Tipperary County Council
Billy McEvoy

Westmeath County Council
Daniel McLoughlin

Wexford County Council
Eddie Breen

Wicklow County Council
Eddie Sheehy

Galway City Council
Joe O'Neill

Waterford City Council
Michael Walsh

Carlow County Council
Tom Barry

Cavan County Council
Jack Keyes

Laois County Council
Peter Carey

Leitrim County Council
Jackie Maguire

Longford County Council
Tim Caffrey

Monaghan County Council
David Fallon

Offaly County Council
Pat Gallagher

Roscommon County Council
Frank Dawson

Sligo County Council
Hubert Kearns

North Tipperary County Council
Joe MacGrath

Waterford County Council
Denis McCarthy




Allowances are also available to County and City Managers. Up to 7.5% of their salary may be claimed in travel and subsistence expenses. Additionally, a Manager or Assistant Manager is entitled to an entertainment allowance "incurred by them in relation to development functions and public relations associated therewith". The level of allowance corresponds to the number of Assistant Managers as follows:

  • County or City Manager Up to €2,095
  • Manager and one Assistant Manager Up to €3,683
  • Manager and two or more Assistant Managers Up to €5,270
  • Manager and three or more Assistant Managers Up to €6,858
  • County and City Managers with designated responsibility for a Regional Authority may claim an allowance of €5,662 per annum in respect of these responsibilities

Assistant Managers

As outlined by John Gormley in 2010, the salary scale for Assistant Managers and Directors of Service, from 1 January 2010, was €90,453. At the time, this was due to increase by annual increments to €94,565, €98,677, €102,788, and €106,900. We are seeking clarification if these increments were approved or suspended.