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Seeking truth

  • 10 January 2007
  • Eighteen years ago, Geraldine Finucane's husband was murdered in front of her and their three children. She speaks to Village about cover-ups, death threats and finding those responsible. By Justine McCarthy.
    • The Rossport 5 in Cloverhill
    • John Deasy profiled
    • Policing ard fheis uncertain despite Blair's MI5 concession
    • Facilitating McDowell

AIB stalls on €20.6m overcharging debt

  • 3 January 2007
  • Ireland’s largest bank is involved in yet another controversy – this time on its failure to meet its own commitment to pay €20.6m to charity, money that it wrongly took from its customers. By Frank Connolly
    • Sean O’Leary’s censure of the Supreme Court. By Vincent Browne
    • People of 2007
    • More bizarre rezoning decisions in Greystones
    • Arthur Mathews on Father Ted, Mick McCarthy and Roy Keane
    • Plus: A short story by Maeve Binchy


  • 27 December 2006
  • Vincent Browne speaks to Ronnie Drew about death, Luke Kelly, life as a telephone operator and drink
    • Dermot Desmond at the Moriarty tribunal
    • JMW Turner, master of light by Edward O'Hare
    • Sean South: 'He fell beneath a northern sky’
    • Alex Ferguson profiled by Ken Early


  • 20 December 2006
  • Betrayal: Charles Haughey and the Moriarty Tribunal
    • Protestant Archbishop John Neill on women priests and talking Catholic communion
    • Louis le Brocquy profiled: wine, women and dacing
    • The Sunday World and Martin Hyland

No hard questions then or now

  • 13 December 2006
  • Nobody wanted to know about Charlie's finances when he was in power. Now nobody wants to know about Bertie's money or why Bertie has never pursued money stolen from Fiana Fáil
    • Pinochet's legacy of murder, chaos and ruin
    • Interview: former Guantanamo detainee Moazzam Begg
    • Profile: Greencore's David Dilger
    • Books: Caoimhghín Ó Croidheáin's study of the demotion of the Irish language

Brain dead politics

  • 6 December 2006

Politics is no more now than a game show. Personality and style with an agenda stacked against fairness and democracy. By Vincent Browne

  • Dublin Docklands Development Authority embroiled in major conflict of interest. By Frank Connolly
  • Nicky Kelly interviewed by Justine McCarthy
  • Bright, brilliant days: Douglas Gageby at the Irish Times. By Vincent Browne

Michael D: Labour's grand old highbrow

  • 29 November 2006
  • Michael D.Higgins interviewed by Justine McCarthy
    • Kevin Myers libls Douglas Gageby
    • Philip Boucher-Hayes on the mysterious death of Shane Tuohey
    • Stardust Exclusive: unpublished report sheds new light on the cause of the fire
    • Plus: Frank Connolly, Harry Browne, Colum McCann, Vincent Browne

Betraying Baiba

  • 22 November 2006

How a mother and children who were in danger were abandoned by the gardaí

  • George Hook profiled
  • The cost of the state's tribunal industry by Justine McCarthy
  • Colin Murphy interviews composer André Previn
  • How veteran cold warrior Robert Gates will cope with his role as US defence secretary

The cruel story of baby Ann

  • 15 November 2006

By Justine McCarthy. Plus 'The effects of broken bonds' by psychotherapist Monica Murphy

  • Brendan O'Carroll interviewed by Colin Murphy
  • Architect Sam Stephenson remembered
  • Profile: Senator Maurice Hayes. By Vincent Browne
  • Victory for Ortega and the Sandinista party in Nicaragua

Charity You're A Sham

  • 8 November 2006

Derek Mooney, Brendan O'Connor, Louis Walsh and Linda Martin got more from the series than most of the charities

* Tom Parlon profiled: the curious happenings in Parlon County
* Angela Phelan's Who's Who in Ireland
* Crisis in Irish fishing
* Interview: John Owens of the Mental Health Commission talks to Justine McCarthy

Doomed to depravity

  • 1 November 2006

The killing and dismemberment of Farah Swahleh Noor by the Mulhall sisters started with a family "poisoned by drink, drugs and violence". By Justine McCarthy

  • Shell to Sea's Maura Harrington profiled
  • Colin Murphy looks at the murder of Esther and Jessica McCann
  • Irish seabed mapping to cost five times estimate and be 20 years late
  • D4 school the victim of the Celtic Tiger

Exclusive: Leas Cross

  • 25 October 2006

Read the report the government won't publish

  • Kevin Myers, man of war: interview with Justine McCarthy
  • Ronan O'Gara profiled
  • Michael O'Leary has the government in a tailspin
  • Road deaths: government ignores proven speeding deterrant