Flying the Flag for Literature

For over forty years the Northern Irish writer Sam Hanna Bell bravely tried to use Ulster’s history and culture as a means of bringing it’s people together, as this selection of his superior non-fiction shows. By Edward O’Hare

Comrades in arms

Journalist James Brabazon's recollections of his exploits in the war zones of Africa in the company of the infamous mercenary Nick du Toit make for some exciting if occasionally gut-wrenching reading. By Edward O'Hare.

Foraging into the labyrinth of lunacy



An incredibly subtle work which reveals much about the human condition, Adam Foulds's second novel about the poets John Clare and Alfred Tennyson is a tour de force of sustained imaginative power. By Edward O’Hare.

Something rotten in the state of public life


Historian Tony Judt's scathing attack on the debased condition of modern society and his powerful challenge to create a better world makes this book one that none of us can afford to ignore. Review by Edward O’Hare.


Someone to watch over us

The history of exploration has seen many people caught in terrifying situations come into contact with a benevolent presence adventurers call the 'Third Man.' John Geiger has brought together these strange stories in a thrilling page-turner.

Review by Edward O’Hare

Children of the Revolution

Martin Amis's long awaited new novel about the sexual revolution does nothing to restore the author's reputation. By Edward O’Hare.

High summer, 1970.

Keith Nearing, his girlfriend Lily and her friend Scheherazade, all just turned twenty, go to stay in an Italian castle. Outside the social order is undergoing a metamorphosis. The sexual revolution has reached full pitch; Feminism is upending old power-structures.

Dublin Writer's Festival brings science and literature together


Dublin recently played host to legendary environmentalist Stewart Brand and acclaimed novelist Ian McEwan. Politico was in attendance to hear what two of the most agile intellects of our time believe the global community must do to confront the greatest threat humanity has ever faced: global warming. By Edward O’Hare.

Bringing justice back

Harvard Professor of Government Michael Sandel’s compelling new book is a look back at previous theories of justice and a timely reflection on the kind of political philosophy we need right now. By Edward O’Hare.