Government deceives public on social welfare cuts

A coalition of charities, community organisations and trade unions has asked the Taoiseach to assure immediately that no further cuts to social welfare payments or the minimum wage will be made. 'The Poor Can't Pay' coalition advocates the rights of the poor in Ireland and comprises groups such as Age Action, Barnardos, Social Justice Ireland and Focus Ireland. Today, the group published ‘How the Poor Were Made to Pay’, a detailed analysis of the effects of budget 2010 on those living in poverty.

Texts and emails, Monday 11 January 2010

Topic:  The ongoing political crisis that threatens to engulf Northern Ireland. 

Panellists: Suzanne Breen, Northern Editor with the Tribune, Fergus Finlay of Barnardos, Historian Eunan O'Halpin, Edel Kennedy of the Irish Independent and Mary Regan of the Irish Examiner. 

Bertie should be tax exempt on his book because nobody should buy it!


Why did former Minister for Education take his children out of school, the minister who brought in 'integrity' of school year?


Texts and emails, Thursday 7 January 2010

Topic:  Vincent and the panel discuss TV3's controversial broadcast, reporting on Brian Lenihan's illness.

Panellists: Stephen Price, Michael Foley of DIT, barrister and columnist Noel Whealan, and Ger Colleran of The Star

This Brian Lenihan story is a storm in a teacup. TV3 were on the ball and right! The Banks & NAMA is the real FF scandal! 

Jack Feeney, Glasnevin.


Can consumers save our climate?

Many of the business and government leaders who gathered in Copenhagen for the United Nations climate talks believe that market forces in general—and consumers in particular—will drive the transition to a low-carbon economy. It’s a comforting thought, but I wouldn’t count on it just yet.

Injuries and arrests in clashes between aid convoy and Egyptian Police

At least 55 people have been injured and one person killed in clashes between Egyptian police and pro-Palestinian activists from the ‘Viva Palestina’ Humanitarian Aid Convoy who were trying to deliver aid into the Gaza Strip. Medical workers and protesters report that approximately 520 activists broke down the gate at the al-Arish port late on Tuesday in protest against an Egyptian decision to ship some of the goods through Israel.

The Kindle era

Since, some two weeks ago, I avoided the cold damp miseries of our British winter by moving myself to southern California (and avoided disruption of my daily activities by moving my laptop with me), I have been investigating the world of self publishing by e-book – digital self publishing.

Texts and emails, Wednesday 6 January 2010

Topic: On the Occasion on "Nollaig na mBan", Vincent and the Panel examine womens' issues and where the womens' movement is now.

Panellists: Ailbhe Smyth of UCD, Head of the National Womens' Council Susan McKay, Noirin Hegarty, editor of the Sunday Tribune and activist and community worker Lisa Marie Berry. 

Inadequate labour and immigration laws increase exploitation, racism and damage business

Fine Gael Immigration & Integration Spokesman Denis Naughten yesterday called on Government to properly address the exploitation of migrant workers within Ireland. Naughten contends that many migrant workers are being exploited both in relation to pay and working conditions, a situation which is in turn undercutting Irish jobs, fuelling racism and hurting legitimate employers.

Full statement by Brian Lenihan T.D., Minister for Finance

Statement by Brian Lenihan T.D., Minister for Finance

During the week before Christmas, I underwent tests in hospital which identified a blockage at the entrance to my pancreas. A stent was inserted and the pancreas is now functioning normally. Cancerous tissue has been identified in the material that has caused the blockage. My medical advice is that chemotherapeutic and radiotherapeutic treatment are required. I will begin the treatment later this week.