Inequality and pregnancy at work

With more Irish women in the work force than ever before, an increasing number are experiencing some form of unfair treatment. This is most common among women on lower incomes. By Bernard O'Rourke

The HSE's Crisis Pregnancy Programme (CPP) has revealed that almost 30% of the 2,300 women they surveyed for the study Pregnancy at Work: A National Survey, released today, experienced some form of unfair treatment from their employers as a result of their pregnancy.

Long waiting times for patients criticised

A new report highlights the long waiting times faced by pateints seeking non-emergency treatment in Ireland, and the lack of communication between GPs and consultants. By Bernard O'Rourke

The Health Information and Equality Authority has criticised the long waiting times experienced by patients between being referred for treatment by their GP and receiving treatment.

Parents protest cuts to special needs supports

The cap on the number of Special Needs Assistants and cuts to resource teaching hours in schools have been described as unacceptable by the Dáil's Technical Group and parents. By Bernard O'Rourke.

Government cuts to education are going to have a detrimental effect on special needs pupils at primary school level, say parents and TDs.