Why we need a referendum on the Austerity Treaty

Negotiations on a new international treaty involving all the EU states, except for Britain, are now at an advanced stage. Its working title, which has changed with each draft, is the Treaty on Stability, Coordination and Governance in the Economic and Monetary Union. The essential elements of this Treaty are much clearer than its name. It is effectively a Treaty to institutionalise austerity policies and represents a further significant attack on democratic rights. The campaign for a referendum and for a No vote will be vital for those opposed to austerity policies in the coming months.

Gaza's infrastructural crisis

Socialist Party MEP Paul Murphy has spent the past week in Gaza, and has been writing about his experiences for Politico. Read his account of days one and two here and here, and of the final two days of his trip below.

'Instead of a disaster zone, Gaza could be paradise'

Socialist Party MEP Paul Murphy arrived in Gaza yesterday as part of a delegation of parliamentarians and others to view the effect the Israeli siege is having on life there. We'll be publishing daily updates on his trip over the coming week.

Day 1: Finally in Gaza!

#Occupying together

The organised left can certainly learn from the #Occupy movement, but some participants in the #Occupy movement might be surprised that they could also learn from the organised left, writes Paul Murphy, MEP.

Oppression of Tamils exposed in 'Sri Lanka's Killing fields' documentary

One of the most interesting parts of the work I do in the European Parliament is not the committee and plenary meetings, but the opportunity to host meetings in the Parliament that can bring together campaigners from around the world. In the last week, I had the opportunity to co-host a film in the Parliament together with a number of other MEPs from different political groups.

Greek default and the end of the Eurozone?

A Greek default is looking more and more likely - if it happens, what will be the consequences for the Eurozone, economically and socially? By Paul Murphy, MEP.

A spectre haunts Europe – the spectre of a default by Greece, Greece's subsequent exit from the eurozone and a break up of the eurozone. All the signs – economically and politically – are that key sections of the European establishment are increasingly coming to the realisation that this is now a real possibility.

Euro Plus Pact is a threat to democracy

New proposals on economic governance, including the Euro Plus Pact, are an attempt to institutionalise austerity policies at the heart of the EU, writes Paul Murphy, MEP.

Over the past number of years, and in a more accelerated manner in recent times, one of the most significant topics being touted in the Parliament and the institutions of the European Union is that of economic governance.