G8 empty summit

Yet another G8 summit is upon us and no doubt the outcome will be usual high minded promises to eradicate poverty and address climate change. But as we have seen from previous summits these promises are empty and self serving.

FF/PD legacy

The recent (April 16th) RTE program on the prospects of an Irish property crash highlights the economic legacy that is being left by the present government and what the incoming administration will inherit. What is immediately apparent to this reader in travelling around the country are the results of the apparently cosy relationship between Fianna Fail and Irish developers. The relationship which resulted in the reintroduction of tax breaks on developments in 2002.

Recognition of Palestinian Government

Yet again Palestinian attempts at forming a cohesive government comprised of the two main elected groups in the region are being vetoed by the US and Israeli administrations. Hamas and Fatah are trying to make a concerted effort to reduce internal tensions in the area before engaging in dialogue with Israel. The prerequisite of recognition of Israel is again seen as a stumbling block. Which Israel would this be though?

Ireland's drug problem

The recent report on Cocaine usage in Ireland shows that recreational cocaine use is on the increase with the associated serious consequences. As recent debates indicate politicians in this country are afraid to even put their heads above the parapets to suggest a debate on the legalisation of drugs. It seems that this a taboo too far for them in an election year. Gay Byrne is to be applauded for raising the issue.