'Inequality - A failure of vision and values'

Delivering the 2012 TASC Annual Lecture in the Royal Irish Academy last night, social justice campaigner Fr Peter McVerry said that the mantra of the old economic model "more is better" must give way to "moderation and restraint".

Labour Party must return to being equality and human rights defenders

It is the job of politicians to defend equality and human rights structures precisely because it’s not a populist issue. Austerity has brought increased levels of unemployment and increasing levels of discrimination. It is precisely during this period of economic crisis and consequent austerity that the effective and independent functioning of our statutory infrastructure to address discrimination and promote equality is even more critical.

Down, down, down we go

At both European and national level the best-laid plans to resolve the euro crisis can be undermined by a lack of urgency, which in turn further limits the room for manoeuvre. As time goes on, options are becoming fewer. By Michael Taft.

A crisis to fight the crisis

Back in 2007 I wrote an article for An Phoblacht about a debate within Sinn Féin on taking a position on coalition with Fianna Fáil.

I ventured a view that having upwards of 20 TDs elected would not of itself necessarily move the aims and objectives of the party forward if other factors influencing power in the State were not adequately addressed. Nothing new or earth shattering there. With all the reactionary forces that are marshalled to resist progressive change, it has always been necessary to have a subversive mindset when trying to fight for a civilised future.

Noonan's time would be better spent in Moyross than with the Bilderberg elite

Michael Noonan's perspective on the world would likely be rather different if, rather than spending last weekend at the annual conference of the Bilderberg Group, he had chosen instead to spend his time with people from Moyross, Southill and Ballinacurra Weston in his Limerick constituency and heard from them the effects on those communities of the politics that the Bilderberg elite espouse. By Vincent Browne.

Tonight with #vinb: We now know Labour’s way is Frankfurt’s way

On Tonight with Vincent Browne, Richard Boyd-Barrett, Tom Molloy, Regina Doherty and Ursula Tipp will consider the position of government in the aftermath of the Yes vote to the EU Fiscal Treaty. Vincent Browne shares his thoughts on the stance of government - before it was elected, and now. {jathumbnailoff}

Notes on the referendum campaign

1. There has been renewed talk lately that the ‘turn’ must come, that we are rapidly approaching some point where a widescale, popular resistance to the neoliberal way of life will manifest itself. Conor Kostick, in his talk on Irish soviets for Occupy University, speculated that future historians might even note that we have already passed the watershed without realising it. Now, it is unfair and inappropriate to read the tea leaves through the referendum campaign alone.