Puzzling penalty points

The penalty point systems for driving offences punishes both bad behaviour and bad driving. The expansion planned for April – with the introduction of another 31 offences for which points can be awarded in addition to the existing serious four – may not prove successful in its aim of improving driving – and reducing crashes – if enough Garda are not available to enforce it. Past experience suggests that is likely, notwithstanding the establishment of a traffic core, the addition of resources and the long awaited introduction of a functioning computer system.

21 problems with Transport 21

The Government launched Transport 21 with a great fanfare. But the reality is that there has been no breakdown of costs done, and all the rail projects are still subject to public inquiries. Here are 21 things wrong with Transport 21

Confusion over costing of proposed runway at Dublin Airport

Fingal County Council (FCC) recently issued a statement saying the information supplied by the Dublin Airport Authority (DAA) for their planning application for a new runway was "insufficient and inadequate". This was the second time FCC had to ask the DAA for further information or clarification on future traffic projections they had supplied. The inadequate traffic assessment isn't the only area on which a lack of clarification appears.

The heli boom

The increase in traffic is not just on the roads. Irish airspace is filling up with helicopters, and regulations are thin on the ground.

Trouble in the ranks

Celebrating its twentieth birthday with cake and bacon sandwiches, Ryanair continues to grow and profit but the pilots say at their expense. Hilary Curley reports