Social inclusion the focus of Travellers' Week

The 2007 Traveller Focus Week was launched this week by the Irish Travellers Movement (ITM) under the theme ‘Inclusion'. There are several objectives to the week including encouraging travellers to participate more in policy development and public life, to promote an understanding of Travellers position in Irish society. The organisers also hope that the week will highlight the contribution Travellers bring to Irish Society.


Travellers wrongly banned from nightclub

Fourteen members of the Traveller community were denied admission to a New Years Eve party in the “South” Nightclub, Tramore on 31 December 2002. They believed that the refusal was solely because they were recognised as members of the Traveller community. They had not bought the tickets as a group and they arrived in various groups at the nightclub at separate times.

Gun stolen from US Troop aircraft at Shannon

Every week thousands of US soldiers continue to troop through Shannon airport en route to and from the war in Iraq. Often there are four or flights a day, each carrying hundreds of troops. The airline now being used in the main is Omni Air International based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, a charter airline (see picture).

Poor deal for asylum seekers

The Social Welfare payment provided to asylum seekers in Ireland has not increased in the last eight years. It is the only social welfare payment never to have increased. Asylum seekers receive accommodation and food and a weekly allowance of €19.10 for adults and €9.60 per child. Asylum seekers are not allowed to work so they have no way of boosting this weekly income. The Irish Refugee Council is calling for the payment to increase to €60 per week for adults and €35 per week for children in this year's Budget.

Travellers - Kilbarry Convictions

On 9 October Waterford City Council evicted twelve Traveller families from a halting site in Kilbarry, forcing them to locate to by the side of the road with no access to water or sanitary facilities.

Private report on Artane Industrial School 1962

Village presents details of the private 1962 report, conducted by prison chaplain Fr. Henry Moore for Archbishop John C. McQuaid, outlining the various deficiencies of the Artane school for boys. In the report, Fr. Moore details the shortfall in medical treatment, the 'rigid and severe' discipline and the low educational standard reached by boys at the school. Moore also speaks of the band - the 'only worthwhile achievement of the school'. Fr. Moore concluded that Artane was in need of 'drastic revision'.

The wealth of the wealthy

How do the apologists for the present economic order justify the reality that 1 per cent of the population have 34 per cent of the wealth of the country, when the value of housing is excluded? Even when the value of housing is included the top 1 per cent holds 20 per cent of the wealth and thehe top 5 per cent holds 40 per cent of the wealth. 

July 2007 in review

Monday, 2 July 2007 Drugs (mainly cocaine) worth an estimated €100m were found off the Cork coast after a boat got into trouble because of adverse weather conditions.  The Taoiseach said it was weather conditions rather than intelligence which led to the seizure. The inference clearly being that similar large importations of drugs take place on the west coast without being detected by Gardai.

Bloodbath at the GPO

Animal rights activists staged a colourful demonstration at the GPO today to lobby the newly elected Minister for Environment, John Gormley to ban blood sports. The protesters specifically appealed to the minister not renew a stag hunting licence this week.