A key moment for radicalism

A concerted effort is being made to close down the various Occupations in the US. No doubt this will give to reactionary forces the green light to start the same process wherever they can. Expect more stories of local businesses' trade being adversely affected or random criminal acts. After the initial first few weeks, when there was little media attention, the growth in understanding and support for this overt challenge to neoliberalism has made an impact. This is the reaction.

 Above all else the Occupy movement has given progressive political activists and supporters an opportunity to move beyond simple opposition to the existing political and economic system towards advocating a complete change - not a tweak to stabilise capitalism so we can move on in much the same way.

It would be a criminal waste if the progressive left could not share some of the burden currently carried by the occupiers, and work together in a broad non-sectarian way and act to consign neoliberalism to the dustbin of history. Inside the Dáil, Assembly and council chambers lies a space that can be occupied by progressive politicians standing (sitting or camping); causing disruption; walking out; whatever it takes to draw attention to the denial of basic democracy that has blighted us for many years.

This is a time for radicalism. A time to create a crisis to meet the crisis. Procedure and protocol are not the answer. Putting forward parliamentary motions to address this or that issue within the existing paradigm seems meagre and not a little daft in the face of such an opportunity to challenge injustice and put forward an alternative based on what brought all of us activists into politics in the first place.


Image top: DoctorTongs.