The anti-pornographers

THE DEATH OF J. B. Murray P.C. last month from a surfeit of Spikery has left the Irish ultra-right without its guiding star. J. B. Murray had symbolised the reaction against sexual liberalisation since he founded the League of Decency in the wake of the Supreme Court's decision allowing the importation of contraceptives.

The making of Fine Gael

In this pre-Ard Fheis survey of Fine Gael, Vincent Browne writes about the electoral challenge, the organisational changes and policy directions.

Garret FitzGerald - Radical intellect and cautious instinct

An analysis of the politics of Garret FitzGerald.

AT THE COMMENCEMENT of his tour of the constituencies on September 19, in Cork, Garret Fitzgerald delivered a keynote address entitled "The Role of Fine Gael". The speech summarised most of his recent political thinking on the kind of society we should be trying to create. It has been published and circulated throughout the country and thus it merits special analysis.

Labour Party Special Report

Part I: Labour before and after Frank Cluskey

FOR BOTH COALITION parties the experience in Government and the election were calamities and, although Fine Gael iost more seats and more votes; the outcome for Labour is the more serious. By: Vincent Browne

Now Tony O Reilly gets it twice every Sunday

PUBLISHING IN IRELAND has been a notoriously precarious enterprise in the last two decades with two newspapers (the Sunday Review and the Evening Mail) going to the wall and being followed there by countless magazines (This Week, Nusight, Scene, Woman's Choice, Spottlight, Profile etc). So it is perhaps surprising that the most spectacular fortunes to be made in Ireland in recent times should have been made by publishers, those of the Sunday World. By VINCENT BROWNE