Time to call time on State funding for fee-paying schools?

In the school year 2009-2010 the State paid out more than €107 million to fee-paying schools to cover the costs of salaries for teachers, clerical officers and special needs assistants in those schools. In the same year, more than €12 million was given to these schools in capital grants, grants for assistive technologies, and grants for computers and other ICTs. There are 56 fee-paying schools in the State.

State 'in breach of the law' on forced labour

Muhammad Younis, originally from Pakistan, has been awarded €86,000 by a Rights Commissioner, following an official complaint about alleged breaches of employment rights. However Mr Younis’s ex-employer, Amjad Hussein - trading as Poppadom - has not yet paid the award. The Labour Court yesterday ordered Hussein to pay the compensation. 

Release of abuse documents exposes Vatican's deceit

The "unprecedented" release of documents relating to Fr Andrew Ronan by the Vatican to "assist those in the public who wish to study the matter carefully" has little to do with transparency, and more to do with its having its hand forced. 

The Vatican today (17 August) released a tranche of files (embedded below) relating to a priest – Fr Andrew Ronan - accused of sexual abuse in both Ireland and the United States. The files were released after an attempt by a man (named in court papers as John V. Doe) who says he was abused by Ronan to hold the Vatican liable for the abuse.