Indemnity deal dressed up to disguise massive shortfall

The indemnity deal agreed with the religious congregations fell far short of the Government's minimum and was dressed up by the inclusion of properties previously given to the State, against Departmental advice, documents reveal. Colin Murphy reports

Women making news

In the 1970s, the portrayal and participation of women in Irish television was so appalling that Gemma Hussey got together a group to lobby RTÉ about it. Terry Prone put together a video for them, demonstrating "the gross devaluation of women in television", she recalls. Shortly after, Deirdre Purcell – who had been an actor, and has gone on to greater success as a novelist – became the first female staff newsreader. Prone remembers her as "one of the best ever".

Muslim school defends itself

The Sunday Independent and the Irish Independent suggested that a Muslim school in Dublin was spending too much teaching time on the Koran, but they are within guidelines set by the Department of Education

The women Bertie befriended are deported

In a sudden swoop on foreigners who had been refused asylum, young people about to sit their Leaving Certificate were deported, along with families who had integrated here. Some have no one to go back to in Nigeria. Colin Murphy reports