Huge disparities of wealth in Irish society not an issue in election

One in every 100 Irish person is now a millionaire, even when their family homes are excluded from the calculation. This is according to the Sunday Independent of 18 March.

The newspaper also reported that Ireland now has six billionaires whose combined worth of €11bn is equivalent to the GDP of Jordan, which has a population of six million.

The newspaper says one in every 100 Irish people is a millionaire - even if you exclude the value of the family home.

Dealing with Eddie Hobbs

In accordance with our practice at Village, we went to some pains to ensure we had both sides of the story concerning Eddie Hobbs and therefore we emailed him an early draft of the article on Wednesday afternoon (7 September), having first phoned his office and asked him to phone us.

Corruption - An Garda Síochána

Confusion over the responsibility for recent raids has cast doubts over the competence of the Garda Síochána. But the Morris Tribunal Report, published nine months ago and ignored by the Dáil, contained startling observations on Garda ineffectualness. By Vincent Browne