Another Nail in Europe's Energy Sufficiency Coffin?

Europe's plan to secure a cheap and reliable source of energy by bypassing Russia was dealt a hard blow recently with the signing of a new agreement between Russia, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan. The agreement, which came as a result of two days' talks between the countries' leaders in Turkmenbashi, is to build a new pipeline bringing Turkmenistan's large gas resources through Kazakhstan to Russia. Robin Adams reports from St. Petersburg.

Russian memories of Yeltsin

The passing of Boris Yeltsin did not come as a surprise to most Russians. He was known to be ill for some time, his resignation in 1999 being partly because of health reasons.  Even so, the news brought an atmosphere of reflection to the country. For many Russians, the period of uncertainty and chaos that signified the Yeltsin era is well and truly over. But the memory remains fresh, and with Putin affirming in this year's ‘State of the Nation' address that it would be his last, the future of the nation once again seems unsure. Robin Adams writes from St Petersburg.