Urgent need to explore what is wrong with our politics

An Ipsos/Mrbi poll in April recorded 23% satisfaction with the Coalition Government and 73% dissatisfaction. The level of dissatisfaction is up 16% from October 2011. Nothing changes however as the current government races to the levels of unpopularity enjoyed by its predecessor. Welcome to democracy Irish style! By Niall Crowley (video below).

A limited understanding of fairness

The Budget failed to deliver on any of the Government's promises about fairness, job creation, and protecting the vulnerable. By Niall Crowley.

The budget was supposed to be all about protecting the vulnerable, being fair and creating jobs. Enda Kenny said it. Brendan Howlin said it. Michael Noonan said it. None of them delivered on it.

Community sector faces challenges

The community sector is a key part of our equality infrastructure but is facing many battles. By Niall Crowley.

The community sector is an infrastructure that also encompasses equality legislation, statutory equality bodies, national strategy plans, and equality mainstreaming. This is the infrastructure that drives forward the search for a more equal society. The closures, cutbacks and loss of independence that have been visited on the community sector can only reflect a Government that believes equality is not important.