Inside the Marriage Tribunal

YOU had intercourse with your husband before you were marĀ¬ried; how many other people did you have intercourse with before that? When was the first time you had intercourse'? Are you going with someĀ¬one now? Do you have intercourse with him? Where do you have it? Do you have it in a car?"

The Armalite and the Ballot Box

"The military struggle will not slow down to relate to Sinn Fein's political activity". Michael Farrell interviews two spokespersons authorised to speak on behalf of the leadership of the IRA.


Michael Farrell replies


DR. NOEL BROWNE'S recent attack on Republicanism was doubtless fuelled by his fierce indignation at social injustices in the South, but generous indignation is no substitute for clear thinking and this was a piece of very muddled thinking leading to a thoroughly reactionary conclusion.