Child abuse at St Joseph's: 'We were not responsible'

For over a decade a group of children at St Joseph's industrial school in Kilkenny were abused. The Sisters of Charity and the then Minister for Education covered up that abuse and the order of nuns now refuses to take responsibility for what happened. By Mary Raftery

The Dunnes - the inside story of a criminal family

From the Magill archive, by Mary Raftery who died on January 10, 2012 following an illness. It was this investigation of the Dunne family in 1983 that brought to Mary's attention the abuse of children in state industrial schools; the Dunne brothers each told Mary similar stories of abuse under the 'care' of religious orders.

The Changing of the Guard

The Election of the General Secretary of the ITGWU

For the last two years, the Irish Transport and General Workers Union has been racked by a level of internal conflict and division which has split it into two almost equal parts. The two elections since 1981 have been accompanied by attacks of a personal nature against one candidate in particular - Des Geraghty, at present National Group Secretary with responsibility for the construction, mining and related services industries, and a member of the Workers' Party.