Twin Suns: Science Fact

The setting of the burning twin suns of Tatooine behind Luke Skywalker in Star Wars is one of the most recognised moments in science fiction movie history; with the choral song of the movie's original soundtrack creeping ever higher, the young protagonist peered out across his barren homeland and surveyed the desert heat pouring down from the binary stars. Capturing the imagination of millions of people in its 1979 premier, Star Wars explored science fantasy in a magical space opera filled with entertaining ideals but little real scientific substance.

Don Carlos at the Project Arts centre

Theatre production in Ireland has come on in leaps and bounds since the turn of the millennium. The last few years have seen an upsurge in independent studios producing high-quality work in smaller theatres. One such independent company which has been developing plays since the early-1990s is Rough Magic.

Salome at the Gate Theatre

Known internationally for its productions of Samuel Beckett's searing works, Dublin's Gate theatre has also tied itself closely to those of Oscar Wilde, regularly producing faithful period versions and modern retellings of some of his greatest plays. It was with much promise and tremendous anticipation that the Gate once again joined forces with Alan Stanford to produce Oscar Wilde's Salome. Unsurprisingly it was a resounding success.

The Democratic Republic of ...

I wonder can any reader explain why we, the public, will allow Michael McDowell effectively abolish the Centre for Public Inquiry and sit silently as he begins the first tentative steps towards the abolition of the costly Tribunals; all when he and his party was elected on the basis of not allowing these particular instances to occur.  Never mind the fact that they threaten democracy.

PDs stray from the people's agenda

Where the Progressive Democrats would have you believe that a better return on your income tax duties is the obvious path for the electorate to make a decision on future governments; it seems ferociously inconsiderate to the floating voters represented in two separate RTE editions of the Frank Opinion - where health as been expressly proven to be the most important point on the agenda.