Village Interview with Bertie Ahern

In an interview with Katie Hannon Taoiseach Bertie Ahern announced his intention to stand down as Taoiseach before the end of the next Dáil term.

Katie Hannon: When will you retire?

Bertie Ahern: “I'm very clear in my mind and I have been for years that I'd stay active in politics until I'm 60…. and that brings us to 2012.” (In fact his 60th birthday is 12 September 2011. Which means he will be 60 one year earlier than he understands to be the case during the course of this interview)

John Deasy: Up in smoke

A year after losing his Fine Gael front bench job for smoking in the Dáil members' bar, John Deasy says he is doing just fine. Katie Hannon reports