US-Israel relations: tiff or tipping point

For the first time, the US delivers to Israel the message that it may be impossible for a Jewish state to encompass the whole of mandate Palestine. By David Morrison.

General David Petraeus is the head of US Central Command (CENTCOM), whose area of responsibility (AOR) stretches from Egypt to the borders of China, covering a large swathe of the Muslim world. As CENTCOM commander, General Petraeus is in overall command of US military operations in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Ireland to support Israel's contestable OECD admission

Ireland Palestine Alliance opposes Israel's probable OECD membership, citing human rights violations. By David Morrison.

In a written answer to Sinn Fein Deputy, Aengus Ó Snodaigh, Foreign Minister, Micheál Martin, told the Dáil on 21 April 2010 that “it is expected that Ireland will join with the other 29 members of the OECD to formally invite Israel to become a member.”

The Roadmap for the Accession of Israel to the OECD Convention, adopted by the OECD Council in November 2007, states:

Nelson Mandela 'speaks out' on Zimbabwe

There has been a great deal of irritation in Britain that South Africa has failed to bring Robert Mugabe to heel. President Thabo Mbeki is blamed for this because he has steadfastly (and sensibly) refused to denounce Mugabe in public. But there has even been some veiled criticism of ex-President Nelson Mandela for failing to “speak out” on this matter.