The treaty that would not die

With the "Draft Agreement on Reinforced Economic Union" Ireland finds itself in the final instalment of a very scary movie trilogy. By David Johnson.

To the B-movie horror pantheon of zombie banks, ghost estates and the grasping, mauling tendrils of the bloated vampire squid that is Goldman Sachs, we can now add Lisbon 3, the Treaty That Would Not Die! As the initial shock of this revelation subsides and the beads of perspiration begin to cool, it slowly starts to dawn on us all that we have found ourselves in the final part of a scary movie trilogy.

A slippery slope?

Just because something is talked about a lot on the internet doesn't mean that it is actually of any great importance; in fact it is often quite the opposite (the smaller the dog, the louder the bark as they say - “they” being the people on the internet).

It hasn't gone away, you know.

HIV and AIDS have dropped off the media's radar. While infection rates in Ireland are on a downward trend, one way to keep those rates going down is through awareness; something the media can play a role in. By David Johnson.