The golden voice of Tommy O'Brien

THE TWO HANDS TENSE AS HE HOLDS THE script; when each piece of music is coming to an end he raises his left hand and quickly lowers it to his chest, with a look of professional pride and ease, as the red light comes on. The script is per¬fectly rehearsed. "Good evenin' listeners," he begins and even the ‘g' in "evening" is missing in the script. He has timed the introductions and the music so that his pro¬gramme runs to just over 29 minutes.

Magill Diary Sept 1983

Down For The Match

The compartment of the train was divided into three. At one end were the lads; at the other were a number of Gardai who had gone to Cork for the day in order to quell any possible unruliness. The lads at the other end were being unruly. There were maybe ten or twelve of them and they were aged maybe fourteen or sixteen. They had bottles of cider. Every so often and totally in unison they would do a verse of "Roaming In the Gloaming" as though they were around some camp fire.

The Derek Hill Collection

If you are driving from Falcarrig or Gortahurk towards Churchill in County Donegal and if you take the road which goes through the Gap of Muckish you pass through what must be one of the most desolate and barren parts of this country. Nothing seems to grow. The only relief from the stark greyness of the place are the coloured bags of turf that dot the landscape every so often. Colm Toibin writes more about Derek Hill's art collection. 

Death in the valley

The death has occured of Mr Bertie Kennedy of Ballyneale, Carrick-on-Suir, County Tipperary. Mr Kennedy was 37.


When the vote comes In

The voting was nearly finished at the polling station in Andersonstown. At first Gerry Adams' supporters thought that the Army and the RUC had come to take away the ballot boxes. Things had gone well for Gerry Adams so the supporters were ready to follow the ballot boxes down to the City Hall just to make sure that none of them were thrown away. Almost directly over the polling station a helicopter hovered motionless.

Take me home country roads

The Anti-Amendment Campaign was touring the heartland. Monday was Mullingar and the rest of the week would include Birr, Tullamore, Carrick-on-Shannon. The Campaign was even going to visit Boyle, the very home of PLAC and SPUC. The Campaign was travelling in a mini bus. One of the blokes was wearing an earring in each ear.

Fear in the valley - Sequel

The cover story of the June issue of Magill was discussed at the meeting of South Tipperary County Council on 13 June. One local councillor pointed out that people in the area around the Merck Sharp and Dohme factory in Ballydine were worried that the council was not monitoring the factory. "We must bend over backwards to get results and to show people publicly whether it is damaging or not", he said. Another councillor pointed out that it was "never more necessary to have everything seen to be above board".

Dean Victor Griffin

The week after Dean Victor Griffin was called "Paisley" in the Dail Mary Holland was on Saturday View with Brian Lenihan. She told him that this was just the start, that this was what the Amendment campaign had unleashed, that there would be more. Michael Mills of the Irish Press has been speaking very passionately on the same programme over the past two months about the Amendment and what it is going to do to our society. Michael Mills is speaking for many people when he says that the Amendment is going to do a great deal of damage.

Feeney Rides Again

On Thursday May 5 1983 big ignorant John Feeney wrote a story in the Evening Herald which had no basis in fact.