The Kangaroo Council

The Press Council of Ireland was launched in January of this year, an event that was celebrated as a "defining moment in Irish journalism" by the Irish Times. Seven months in, however, there is very little evidence of the council's code of practice providing the predicted "impetus to improve journalistic standards into the future". By Chekov Feeney

[Pictured: Press Ombudsman John Horgan] 

Myers: fanciful frolics and fanciful facts

Although he has found a new home at the Irish Independent, Kevin Myers' output is largely unchanged from his days in the Irish Times. Roughly half of his columns fall under the category of "fanciful frolics". These pieces are intended to be humourous, although the humour is spoiled by Myers' relentless desire to show off his classical education and his obsession with men in uniform and rugby scrums.

Iran's nuclear threat

An Irish Times editorial on 1 May laid out the various options open to the UN Security council for dealing with Iran's nuclear threat. These ranged "from a solemn statement warning Iran to comply to consideration of sanctions or military force under Chapter VII of the UN Charter". The paper of record nailed its colours to the mast by favouring negotiations and UN action, while declaring that "military action by the US outside UN auspices would be a dangerous folly".