King Canute is alive and tweeting...and he works at Sky News

The good old days of strong and exclusive reader loyalty are over, for better or for worse. By Axel Bruns.

The release of Sky News UK’s Twitter guidelines for its journalists – or rather, the Guardian’s not entirely disinterested commentary on those guidelines – has caused a bit of a stir across social media networks. The guidelines demonstrate that, two decades into the internet age, news organisations continue to have trouble coming to terms with the online world.

Norway tragedy exposes tunnel vision on terrorism

We could all benefit from taking a more Norwegian approach to the terror attacks, writes Axel Bruns.

When injustice is done, when the innocent are threatened, a common expression of sympathy is “I am one of you”.

So, as the famous movie line goes, “I am Spartacus,” or a little more recently, “Ich bin ein Berliner.” After 9/11, for a moment, we were all New Yorkers; after 7/7, Londoners; after the atrocious terrorist attacks in Oslo and Utøya, we are all Norwegians.

If only this were true.